December 2, 2023
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Rahul’s attempt to use Hindutva strategy in Karnataka likely to receive huge flak


There are enough evidences to prove that the congress president until recently was not a ‘temple’ enthusiast. But, it seems that the last month’s Gujarat assembly election changed everything.

Now, Rahul Gandhi is an adherent Hindu (at least, his frequent visits to temples or Hindu religious places have been assumed as an effort to give such a feeling).

It is clear that though his Hindutva strategy received wide criticism from the saffron parties, particularly BJP, during the Gujarat election when it was used for the first time, it worked well in the power house of BJP helping the grand old party to win a remarkable number of seats and votes in the western state.

It seems that it is what has emboldened the congress top leader to articulate similar strategy in the poll-bound Karnataka.

In the congress leader’s upcoming campaign session which is going to begin next week, he will visit nearly four temples.

A political expert says that there is no wrong in visiting spiritual places. Meanwhile, the expert adds that the congress supremo’s visit cannot be calculated as an ordinary visit. Pointing out the politics behind the scheduled visit, the expert further adds that the temples selected for his visit itself prove there is a clear strategy behind the visit.   

At least two of the four temples which are going to be visited by the congress leader are the temples belonging to the Lingayath community; rest of them belonging to backward community.

To win the election in Karnataka, the Congress need to ditch its anti-Hindu Image and should create a Lingayath-Backward-Vokalinga-Dalit formula.

But, the big question is: is it good to fight Hindutva with Hindutva?          


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright 


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