September 25, 2022
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Guru Atma Nambi Ji’s life is an apt example for many to how to live a joyous and peaceful life despite divers inconveniences. He has immense and myriad life experiences, eliciting wisdom from it, and continues to lead through stability. Since the age of 10, five teachers of different spiritual domains have guided him.

Guru Atma Nambi


‘Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu’ is the principle he upholds and strives to make the world a better place to live, with his meticulous efforts and teachings. Atma ji has pledged to his spiritual life to bring a radical change in the lives of the deprived and has been ushering HRDS INDIA, a long standing Non-profit Organization in accomplishing the dream of releasing the Tribal Community from the clutches of indigence and destitution.


Born on March 17, 1955, Guru Atma Nambi, a mystic from Tamil Nadu, is a source of enlightenment for the aspirants of true knowledge. At a very young age, Atma Nambi or Guruji as widely known was introduced to his very first spiritual teacher, Nataraja Gurukkal, who was a priest at Shiva temple. “My spiritual journey began in my childhood when my mother sent me to my first teacher, Nataraja Gurukkal. He initiated me into Bhakti Yoga: rituals, chanting of mantras and performing yajnas,” said Atma Ji. Over the years, Guruji completed his higher studies and also kept his learning in spirituality. On October 7, 1994, Guruji had an indelible experience of enlightenment.

With the inner drive of diving deep into the self and spirituality, five different masters and teachers passed through his life and left various experiences and practices. Following his self-realization, after 2 years of silence, he decided to clear the paths for seekers and to lead them into spirituality through meditation, yoga and kriya. He has dedicated himself to being part of creating a new humanity. ” All my spiritual expeditions ended with the experience I had on October 7, 1994, which transformed me completely,” said Guruji. Throughout his journey, he focused on providing help to everyone around him. He wanted to propagate inner peace and happiness over one’s insecurities to a composed niche of mankind.

Guru Atma Nambi

Guru Atma Nambi said, “he believes that the purpose of my life is to be a part of creating a conscious humanity and a healthy world for mankind to thrive.” ” According to Guruji, enlightenment happens spontaneously; its attainment is neither planned nor scheduled.” Speaking about spiritual enlightenment, he explains that the description for enlightenment varies from person to person. For one it will be a powerful force pulling one’s self towards the light and for some it’s an ignition sensed inside. However, it consists of an irreversible separation of the spiritual self, which is divine, from the mind.

His healing is shared through energy wisdom practices and effective meditation techniques. He guides his followers dynamically to his or her natural state of consciousness to become master of his/her own self and thereby attain the inner peace. “People who came to me seeking guidance expressed that they felt intense peace and calm in my presence, said Guru Ji with a smile. When asked about kundalini initiation, Guruji explains that it is a very powerful initiation and only possible on well-qualified people that will be handpicked by the master. He believes that a human, need not be taught what he or she should desire or be ambitious about. But to achieve them he or she requires a certain amount of energy which can be attained with yoga and spiritual discipline.

Guru Atma Nambi is the founder of Upanisha Ananda Mandir which is a spiritual and meditation centre run by enthusiastic seekers under the guidance of enlightened Guru Atma Nambi in Tamil Nadu, India. The aashram aims to spread the message of love, compassion and brotherhood, good health, prosperity and meditation for all. Atma Ji conducts Mass Awakenings across the globe for which he travels to many countries for inducing Spiritual harmony in the thirsty hearts of people. He has devotees across the globe, and spiritual convention centres in Brazil and Chicago (US).

Guru Atma Nambi

Guru Atma Nambi has also participated in the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality, in December 2012, held at Hyderabad, India. He also supported in requesting the United Nations Organisations (UN) to announce June 21st as the International Yoga Day. He was honoured with Baba Saheb National Award in the year 2016 for his contributions towards the society.

Guruji, a travel enthusiast, feels that learning is an integral and continual part of one’s life and it should be a never-ending process. One can learn indefinitely from different people, countries, and life experiences. Atma Ji guides us how to live a happy and contented life, sharing simple, practical, and powerful techniques to people of all ages and families, in schools, industries, institutions and organizations. In the last few years people have been helped worldwide by Atma Nambi’s wisdom techniques as well as by his transformative and healing energy.

As recognition of his spiritual guidance and services throughout the world, he has been awarded by Global Achievers Foundation, New Delhi, 2016. Currently, he is an Honorary Advisor with Peace Society Worldwide which is a Global Civil Organization for Universal Peace and Harmony. He conducts counselling sessions for the students to nurture their abilities. He creates a sense of service in every individual, steering their way to help others for a better society. He believes that spirituality can bring harmony and he propounds to make the world a Temple of Peace.

A traveller and nature lover to the core, Guru Atma Nambi Ji believes that it is important to experience empathy with all life and be in tune with mother earth. On his spiritual visit to Rishikesh, years ago Guru Ji met Aji Krishnan, the Founder Secretary of HRDS INDIA. Since then Guru Ji has maintained a close association with HRDS INDIA and its noble activities.

Guru Atma Nambi





HRDS INDIA is a Non-Governmental Organization working for the fortification and welfare of the marginalized sections of society. Founded in 1995, HRDS INDIA takes a wholehearted, committed, and participatory involvement in the current and relevant issues about the life of the underprivileged, no matter to which caste or creed they belong. The society promptly addresses and takes action on a whole lot of issues related to the poor and deprived, ranging from eradication of poverty, promotion of health and sanitation, protection of the environment, empowerment of women, tribal inhabitation and creation of employment opportunities besides spreading the importance of education and values. To actualize its visions, HRDS INDIA organizes a set of well-focused and innovative projects, all aimed at the sustainable development of the downtrodden. Soon Atma Nambi Ji’s ashram will be built at Attappady in Palakkad, Kerala. “Attappady is a beautiful place and an alcohol-free zone. I have been searching for such a place to build an ashram which will be a model to the world. The ashram will depict the heritages of India and will preserve the values of Tribal culture which is slowly diminishing. It will not just be an ashram but also a place to learn new things.

Guru Atma Nambi Unique Times

SADHGRAHA Tribal Housing Project

HRDS INDIA works for the Tribal welfare and they propose to initiate a nationwide Tribal housing project constructing ‘One Million’ houses for the homeless Tribal people under ‘Sadhgraha’ project in less than 10 years. Guru Atma Ji, the spiritual Guru of HRDS INDIA, has been keeping and continuing his spiritual relationship with HRDS INDIA’s Secretary Aji Krishnan for several years. Atma Ji has taken the initiative to pool help from around the world igniting the conscience of people to join this journey of HRDS INDIA for the implementation of Sadhgraha Tribal Housing Project.

“Ever since I have come in contact with Aji Krishnan I have been very much impressed with his work under HRDS INDIA,” said Guruji. A nature lover, guruji believes that the Tribal community are the true guardians of nature. And working for the betterment of them is a responsibility of each one of us. “I have a huge reverence for the Tribal people because they are the true protector of nature, not only in India but across the world. When they protect our nature, it is our responsibility to protect them. I am delighted to be part of such a project which ameliorates their lives,” added Guruji, who is also the spiritual guide of HRDS INDIA.

KARSHAKA – The cultivation of Medicinal plants 

Large scale supplement of raw material is essential for making Ayurveda medicine for which the cultivation of medicinal plants is a prime necessity and hence the establishment of the Karshaka Project by HRDS INDIA comes as an alternative means to generate medicinal plants. The project is being implemented in a region spread across five thousand acres of tribal land that eventually steers them to economic stability. “The aim is to produce medicinal plants in our land and also to generate employment for Tribal communities in the country,” said Guruji.

According to the action plan, a 60% share of the profit earned from the yield will be given to the owners of land and 40% will be maintained for the sustainability of the project. This will rejuvenate the fertility of the agriculture fields long gone and promote self-reliance fetching a regular income to the Tribal family. It will propagate the usage of organic medicines in the country and make the availability of such therapeutic plants readily accessible.

JWALAMUKHI – Women Empowerment

The term ‘woman’ portrays a picture of oppressed social gender, is not always given due recognition in the society. Her portrayal has been more akin to a secondary subject after men, choking her dignity. The plight of poverty-stricken women is even worse and remains inadequately unacknowledged. The inception of the women empowerment project – Jwalamukhi is considering these prevailing issues only, assisting these deprived women to eke out an income through the formation of SHG (Self Help Group). They will work together and run some small-scale business. The project will help women financially and socially who are subject to harsh realities.

Initially, financial aid was deployed to women by forming Self Help Groups helping them to start a small-scale unit. Further enhancing, HRDS INDIA has proposed project on “Enhancing Vocational Skills to Women in need of Assistance in Attappady, Palakkad District of Kerala”. The project is designed to provide Tailoring & Embroidery training for a total of 500 women from Attappady, emphasizing to make them self-reliant, by providing an income generating source after completing the training period. In connection to same, the trained beneficiaries were given away with sewing machines after their completion of course.

It is mandatory to provide skill training and alternative income generating opportunities to the women from scheduled communities, which will mark a noticeable change in their lives. In the meantime, economic self-sufficiency will empower the women and will bring them into the mainstream of the society in many ways.

Guru Atma Nambi Unique Times

EKAGRAH – Educational Program

Education is important to individual development, social cohesion, and economic growth. Education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform, through education society can formulate its own purposes, can organize its own means and resources, and thus shape itself with definiteness and economy in the direction in which it wishes to move. The students enrolled from socio-economically disadvantage areas are comparatively low when it comes to higher education, the result of which is that they are left behind from pursuing their dream even after possessing proficient capabilities.  The primary cause of which is the unequal distribution of opportunity or the increasing financial cost.

“Scholarships that assist or cover costs of pursuing a higher education provides a number of benefits for recipients, from reducing the financial burden of the rising costs of a college education, to allowing students more time and energy to focus on studies rather than part-time work,” said Guruji. Scholarships are one piece in the puzzle of what creates a strong foundation for supporting students in their success in pursuing a degree, and furthermore, completing that degree. The most obvious benefit of scholarships is that they make college more affordable. Even though the Project was primarily implemented providing scholarship and educational kits to the Children, currently it has now augmented with wider perspectives.

Further, HRDS INDIA joined hands with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd to manifest the dream of digitalising Navodaya Vidyalaya campuses across the country under the Project JAI ( Joy Awakening Innovations) through the support of Government Bodies, Ministers and CSR initiatives of various corporate. As the first phase of Digitalisation, 250 electronic tablets fully loaded with educational learning contents were provided to JNV, Alleppey. It was a big step which proved successful enhancing the mode of learning, exam performance as well as made student assessment easier, accurate and smarter for the teachers at the school.

DDU – GKY Skill Development program for youth

DDU – GKY (Deen Dayal Upadhaya – Grameen Kaushalya Yojana, Govt. of India) focuses on the rural youth between the ages of 15 and 35 years from financially backward families. HRDS INDIA has been sanctioned the project in the state of Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu with its training centres functioning in Thodupuzha, Kannur and Coimbatore. It focuses on imparting skills through NSDC affiliated courses.

PARASPARAM – A Social-Psychological Learning Movement

Parasparam is a psycho-social, learning movement set in motion by HRDS INDIA for the upliftment of the adolescent young generation and the families. They fundamentally work towards helping people who are subjected to excessive substance use, children in conflict with law, children from broken families, and families with conflict. The project sets their sight on the holistic development of youngsters through various psychological interventions, assessments, tests, and trainings. It enhances the exhilaration and abundant goodness of life with absolute development in multi factorial areas like physical health, social health, spiritual health, Psychological/mental health. It helps to improve academic excellence of the students, develop self-esteem and confidence among the students.

Further, classes for the Children belonging to Tribal Community in Attappady of Palakkad District is being undertaken to strengthen their base of Primary Education and stimulate self confidence in them.

As part of ‘PARASPARAM ‘ project of HRDS INDIA, a training program was organized in the Aries Polytechnic College, Mattathukad, Attapadi from 10th to 14th February 2020. The purpose of this training program was the educational progress and the psychological health care of the youth. The themes dealt with in the training programme were about the sense of direction one should have towards life, the right attitude to be developed for a positive lifestyle, social interaction skills to be cultivated for healthy interpersonal and social relationships, etc. The sessions were carried out for building up dignified character and self confidence that will help in personality development and to have leadership skills.

It is predominant among the children and youngsters in Attappady that they are encountered with drug addiction, sexual abuse, discrimination, and conflict with parents, law etc. having a hard time finding mental peace. HRDS INDIA since, 2017 have been involved in numerous programmes for behavioural modification inducing Psycho–Social development of these kids, interacting with them, providing counselling session for both kids and parents. A 24*7 Tele counselling Help desk for psycho-social support and guidance in the name Parasparam Green Voice to help the people encountering the issues of increasing fear, anxiety, sickness, stress, and other social and psychological problems.

Guru Atma Nambi Unique Times


HRDS INDIA’s Niramaya project is based on conventional drug therapy, rooted in Attappady. It will advance the treatment of intense sickness and foster a healthy society as it renews the scope of age-old traditional medicines through its herbal and organic remedies. Its affordability and cost-effectiveness make it a preferable choice as compared to the usual practice of prescription-based medicine consumption. It has no side effects and is easier to obtain which reinforces natural healing. The pros of the installation of such a project are not only developing the anatomical stature of people but also a symbol of ancestral progression for the betterment of society.




Guru Atma Nambi proudly comments that “if HRDS INDIA is the manifestation of body then it is the secretary, Aji Krishnan who is the soul”. Aji Krishnan hails from a family of planters from the high ranges of Idukki, Kerala which gave him a chance to encounter the lives of the indigenous tribes since his childhood. Completing the higher education in Fine Arts, Aji Krishnan committed himself to become a social worker and started an NGO. He aimed at endeavouring to break vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation of Tribal Communities of India. Confined to Kerala in its initial phase, HRDS INDIA now flourishes at the national level through his great perseverance and invariably with the spiritual guidance from Guru Atma Nambi.

Guru Atma Nambi, during his spiritual journey, met Aji Krishnan at Rishikesh and could see through his sane objectives. The dream of HRDS INDIA i.e. to emancipate the deprived from the gruesome clutches of the power consumed tyrants was silver lined with the advent of Guru ji as their confidant.

Guru Ji who had travelled throughout the world to propagate the message of peace, found himself consumed by the miseries of the tribes and decided to try and change the prevailing situation. This required expansion of HRDS INDIA Tribal Welfare Projects nationwide. Devotees of Atma ji around the world, including celebrated pop singers, politicians, multi-national corporate delegates etc. have consented in supporting HRDS INDIA to aid millions of tribes lead a better life.

Guru Atma Nambi Unique Times


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