June 28, 2022
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Rahul less likely to continue as Congress President

There are rumours that though the Congress Working Committee has rejected Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s proposal seeking his resignation, he has not accepted the direction given by the Congress veterans insisting him to stay as the president and contribute to its rejuvenation process.

It is said that he is unhappy with the present organisational structure and the present working style of the Grand Old Party.

As per a report, in the CWC meeting, he has criticised the senior leaders who have worked more to ensure the victory of their dear ones and less to ensure the victory of the party, and he has explained how his valuable time as the Congress president has been consumed by the Congress infightings.

As per the report, in the meeting, he has also complained about the leaders who have met him to ensure the party seat for their dear ones.

The CWC has entrusted the Congress scion with the task of revamping the centrist party, which has suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent General Election.

In the coming days, the Congress Party is likely to undergo several serious changes. It is unfortunate that a party like the Congress, which was once the only powerful party in India, has come down to this miserable state.

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