April 18, 2024

Police bursts kidney racket

A senior official of a Vishakhapatnam-based hospital has been arrested as an enquiry into a kidney racket has exposed several irregularities in some of the kidney transplantations carried out in the hospital in the recent past.

The hospital was ordered to shut down a few days before on the basis of the shocking information emerged as a part of the investigation.

The arrest of the senior officer has been officially registered today only, after the investigation agency has recovered enough evidences to support its action.

Earlier, the investigators booked a Bangalore-based middle man in connection with the kidney racket case. It was the middle man who led the investigators to the hospital based in Andhra Pradesh.

It is found that of the 68 transplant surgeries the hospital has performed in the recent past at least 29 has been done without adhering to the procedures dictated by the law.

So far, around four important arrests have been made in the case. One is the middle man. Others are a doctor in the hospital, an admin in the hospital, and the senior officer of the hospital.

The existence of the kidney racket in the country is a reality. The reason behind this is simple: if the supply chain does not increase in accordance with the demand, naturally the illegal networks attempt to take advantage of that shortage. In the case of this product, kidney, it is not easy to increase the supply legally.

The government should strengthen its agencies responsible to fight the illegal kidney networks operating in the country.

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