September 28, 2023
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Rahul Gandhi uses his twitter handle to express his final decision on his Congress president post

Weeks after Rahul Gandhi expressed his intention to resign from the top most post of the Congress party which had been entrusted upon him prior to the commencement of the recent General Election, and amidst growing pressure over the Congress scion demanding the reconsideration of the decision taken by the young leader, the Wayanad MP has changed his designation in his twitter handle as just an MP from the Congress president.

The move has put the Congress Working Committee in a very difficult state. The latest development means that the CWC can no longer wait to find an alternate face for the powerful president post.

The country is at present in a crucial juncture. It is about to witness three important Assembly Elections. Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand are the three important states where the elections are going to happen in the near future. In all these three states, the Congress is an important contester.

The Congress cannot even think of facing an election without a leader in the centre. If the Grand Old Party decides to take a risk by going to the upcoming election without a leader in the centre as an experiment, it will be a disaster.

Anyway, there are rumours that the CWC may give the change of the leadership to a group of leaders instead of giving that to a single leader.

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