June 7, 2023
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Pregnant Indian tourist dies in Portugal, health minister quits

Following the death of a 34-year-old pregnant Indian tourist who experienced a heart attack while being transported from one hospital to another in Lisbon due to a lack of beds, according to local media reports, Marta Temido, Portugal’s Minister of Health, resigned on Tuesday.

According to Jornal de Noticias, Temido’s resignation followed harsh criticism about the closure of emergency care facilities, a shortage of doctors in hospitals, and instances in which pregnant women faced problems because the national health service was unable to intervene.

Antonio Costa, the prime minister of Portugal, wrote on Twitter that he was “grateful” for all the work Temido had done, particularly in battling the Covid pandemic. Additionally, Costa pledged to keep up improvements to the healthcare sector.

The Indian woman, who was 31 weeks pregnant, was transported to the Santa Maria Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in the nation, after complaining of having trouble breathing, according to local media reports.

According to reports, the hospital sent her to the Sao Francisco Xavier hospital after stabilising her condition since the neonatal unit there was already filled. On the way, she suffered a heart arrest, according to the reports. According to the accounts, she underwent a C-section at the second hospital, and the baby was placed in the neonatal care unit as she passed away. A probe into the woman’s demise was started.

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