June 3, 2020

Prashant Kanojia issue: Top court rules in favour of the journalist

While considering the habeas corpus petition filed by young journalist Prashant Kanojia’s wife, the Supreme Court of India has directed the concerned to immediately release the journalist who was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh authorities in connection with a post he shared with a social media platform about the Chief Minister of the state.

The top court has strongly criticised the action taken against the journalist by the UP authorities.

The journalist was arrested from his house in Delhi by a small group of plain-clothed police officials from Uttar Pradesh, as per his family’s statement.

He was allegedly taken straight to UP without even bothering to seek a transit permission in Delhi, from where he was arrested by the police of a different state.

The SC has taken adequate precautions in its verdict to make sure that its order will not be interpreted as an endorsement to the tweet the journalist posted in the social media platform.

The judgement has been made on the plank of personal liberty. The court has dismissed all counter-argument, made by the government’s representative intended to block the journalist’s release, with the strong argument of personal liberty,

Today, several journalists and social workers have gathered in the streets of the national capital to express their disagreement against the harsh action taken by the Uttar Pradesh government against the just 26-year-old journalist.

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