April 18, 2024
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PM’s “One Nation, One Uniform For Police” Pitch At Home Ministers’ Meet

In yet another effort to ensure consistency among diverse forces, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday suggested the notion of “One Nation, One Uniform” for the police. He emphasised that it was “only a notion” and not an order, asking the states to consider it as merely a proposal. “For the police, “One Nation, One Uniform” is merely a notion. I’m not attempting to force it upon you. Just think about it. It might occur in five, fifty, or one hundred years. But let’s think about it, “added PM Modi.

Speaking to a “Chintan Shivir” of state home ministers, the prime minister expressed his belief that all of the nation’s police officers might have the same appearance.

In order to combat crime and criminals, PM Modi also favoured close cooperation among the states.

He also supported the plea for a unified approach to law and order made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The job of the states and the federal government was to promote cooperative federalism, he continued.

According to the Constitution, law and order are a state responsibility, but the PM argued that they are also connected to the nation’s integrity and unity. He said that for the sake of internal security, every state should collaborate, learn from, and be inspired by one another. According to him, states have a constitutional obligation and national responsibility to cooperate for internal security.

According to him, all organisations, both federal and state, should work together to ensure effectiveness, better results, and protection for the average person.

He argued for coordinated effort by all the agencies to address the new challenges of law and order and security. He also asked state governments to evaluate outdated laws and update them to the present context.

Regarding the spread of false information, Prime Minister Modi stated that technology plays a significant role in fact-checking false information.

People need to be made aware of ways to double-check texts before sending them, he said. According to the PM, intelligence and law enforcement organisations should work together to achieve effectiveness, superior results, and public safety.

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