December 8, 2023
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PM says, “Waah, Where Did You Learn?” Japanese Boy’s Hindi Greeting Astounds

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Tokyo for a two-day visit, interacted with children who had gathered to greet him this morning.
“Greetings from Japan! Could I please have your signature? “PM Modi was asked in Hindi by Ritsuki Kobayashi.

The exhilarated PM, impressed by his fluency, said, “Waah! From whom did you learn Hindi? … Are you familiar with it?”

“…I don’t know much Hindi, but I understand… PM read my message and also signed it, so I am very pleased…, “Ritsuki Kobayashi expressed his delight after meeting PM Modi.

Children were also seen holding “Welcome” placards in various Indian regional languages, dressed in traditional attire for PM Modi’s arrival.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was greeted warmly by the Indian community in Japan during his two-day visit to Tokyo to attend the Quad Summit on May 24 at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.”I’ve arrived in Tokyo. During this visit, he will participate in a variety of activities, including the Quad Summit, meetings with fellow Quad leaders, and interactions with Japanese business leaders and the vibrant Indian diaspora “in a tweet, Prime Minister Modi stated.

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