September 28, 2023
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PM Modi Urges Everyone To Participate In ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ Interaction

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked everyone to take part in the interactive programme on Wednesday by announcing the dates for “Pariksha Pe Charcha-2023.”
In the forthcoming sixth episode of “Pariksha Par Charcha,” which airs on January 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will engage with students, teachers, and parents. The event will take place in New Delhi’s Talkatora Indoor Stadium.

“Pariksha Pe Charcha is among the most exciting programmes, giving an opportunity to discuss ways to make exams stress-free and support our Exam Warriors. I look forward to the programme on the 27th of this month and urge you all to take part in this unique interaction,” tweeted PM Modi.

The sixth iteration of “Pariksha Pe Charcha” had a registration period that ran from November 25 to December 30.

According to a Ministry of Education official, the number of registrations for “Pariksha Pe Charcha” 2023 has increased significantly from 2022. In comparison to PPC-2022, which had around 15.7 lakh participants, PPC-2023 has about 38.80 lakh participants (students make up 31.24 lakh, teachers make up 5.60 lakh, and parents make up 1.95 lakh).

“Students from over 150 countries, teachers from 51 countries and parents from 50 countries have also registered for PPC-2023” an Education Ministry official told ANI.

Officials from the Ministry of Education further stated that parents, teachers, and students from the State Boards, CBSE, KVS, NVS, and other Boards eagerly participated in large numbers.

About 2,050 contestants who were chosen through MyGov’s creative writing contests will receive a certificate and an unique Pariksha Pe Charcha kit that includes the Prime Minister’s Exam Warriors book in Hindi and English. NCERT may choose to include some of the participant questions in PPC-2023.

The programme is proposed to be in a town hall type format, as in the year 2022, while adhering to the COVID-19 protocols, as determined by the Ministry of Health.

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