November 30, 2023
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“Twitter Suspended Not For Violating Rules, But…”: ‘Kantara’ Actor

Actor Kishore Kumar G of “Kantara” today explained that his Twitter account had not been terminated due to rules violations. Yesterday, it was stated in a number of publications that the actor’s Twitter account had been suspended because he had broken the site’s rules.
On Instagram, Kishore Kumar G shared pictures of his email correspondence with Twitter and claimed that hacking was the reason why his account had been suspended.

“Just to avoid unnecessary misconceptions about the suspension of my Twitter account. My Twitter account was not suspended because of any of my posts,” he wrote.

“I have come to know that it was because of hacking on December 20, 2022. Twitter has promised necessary action,” the 48-year-old added.

Mr. Kumar uploaded a screenshot of a response from the Twitter staff verifying receipt of his request to modify his email address.

“Once we receive your confirmation, we’ll review the information you supplied and respond as quickly as possible,” read the email from Twitter.

Kishore Kumar G was active on Twitter under the handle “@actorkishore,” where he also appeared in the online series “She” and season one of “The Family Man.”He is well-known for being outspoken and airing his opinions on social media; he played the role of forest officer Muralidhar in the popular Kannada film “Kantara” from last year. The 48-year-old actor has more than 43,000 Instagram followers and more than 66,000 Facebook fans. Both accounts are unverified.


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