May 30, 2024
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The French Fry Feud: Unraveling the Ongoing Dispute Between France and Belgium

Few culinary delights have sparked as much controversy as the beloved French fry. Contrary to its name, the origin of this crispy, golden delicacy is shrouded in debate. The French claim to have invented it, while the Belgians stake an equally compelling claim. In this blog, we’ll delve into the intriguing and ongoing dispute between France and Belgium over the birthplace of the iconic French fry.

The French Perspective:

  1. The Birth of the “Pommes Frites”: The French, known for their culinary prowess, have long maintained that the French fry, or “pommes frites” as they call it, originated in the late 17th century. According to legend, the dish was created by French chef François Louis Bracq, who served it to American soldiers during World War I.
  2. Gastronomic Heritage: France’s claim to fame in the culinary world extends to many dishes, making the invention of the French fry a natural addition to their gastronomic heritage. French fries, in this narrative, are seen as an integral part of French cuisine.

The Belgian Contention:

  1. The “Frites” Tradition: On the other side of the debate, Belgians proudly insist that they are the true inventors of the French fry. They refer to them as “frites” and claim that they have been making them since the late 17th century. Belgians have even dedicated museums to the history and art of making frites.
  2. A National Treasure: In Belgium, frites are not just a dish; they are a national treasure. The preparation and enjoyment of frites are deeply embedded in Belgian culture, and the Belgians fiercely defend their claim to the beloved snack.

Unraveling the Dispute:

The dispute between France and Belgium over the invention of the French fry is a lighthearted but passionate debate. The truth may be elusive, as the history of this humble yet delicious dish is intertwined with the cultural and culinary narratives of both nations.


While the exact origins of the French fry remain a subject of debate, one thing is certain: the love for this crispy delight knows no borders. Whether you prefer to call them “pommes frites” or “frites,” one thing is undeniable—the French fry has become a global sensation, transcending national boundaries and uniting people in their shared enjoyment of this culinary masterpiece. So, the next time you savor a plate of hot, crispy fries, take a moment to appreciate the ongoing French and Belgian dispute that has only added to the legend of this beloved snack.


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