July 15, 2024
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PM Modi addresses a huge gathering of upcountry Tamils in Sri Lanka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi departure from Colombo

In his visit to Sri Lanka, the country which has a special bonding with our country through the Tamil plantation workers, the India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed a huge gathering of upcountry Tamils in Norwood in the Sinhala dominated country.While speaking at the function, he has called the Tamil plantation workers as the backbone of the Sri Lankan economy, which is at present going through a tough crisis.The preponderance of the Sri Lankan plantation workers is Tamil population, who was relocated to this region from the South India for the plantation work by the British colonial rulers.

It is learned that the huge influx of the Tamil population altered the demography of the region and resulted in the infamous civil war in which tens of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamil origin people was either disappeared or killed.  The huge gathering seen during the visit of the Indian supremo proves that the Tamil origin Sri Lankans still have a special affection towards India as they share a similar culture as that of the Indian’s southern population.It seems that the Indian PM’s visit to India would boost the Indo-Sri Lankan relation, would resolve several problems between the two countries including the Pak straight fishing issue, and would help the betterment of life of the Tamil origin Sri Lankans in that country. According to the report, along with our leader, the Sri Lankan President, Maithripala Sirisena, and Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Rani Wicremesinghe, has also attended the function.


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