April 16, 2024
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PM calls for ‘harmonious partnership’ between India and China

unique times-PM calls for 'harmonious partnership' between India and China

unique times-PM calls for ‘harmonious partnership’ between India and China

Calling for a ‘harmonious partnership’ between India and China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said it was essential for economic development and political stability of Asia.
Prime Minister Modi feel both India and China have the potentials of growth and problem of poverty so if they both get together it would be good for the economic development of both the countries.The industrial partnership of China and India can bring about greater investment, employment and satisfaction of the people.
21 agreements were signed between Indian and Chinese firms worth USD 22 billion at the India-China Business Forum.
Asking Chinese companies to take the “historic opportunity” to invest in India so that for creating and improving the business environment.
PM assures that all the citizens would have a comfortable life.
Many Chinese companies would investing in India to take advantage of India’s potentials. The potential lies in manufacturing, processing as well as in infrastructure, he added.
To improve the steps taken regarding business would be related taxation system transparent, stable and predictable.


Harsham Sunder


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