September 25, 2022
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PhonePe Launches “Pulse”

PhonePe has launched Pulse, the country’s first geolocation website, which will provide detailed information on digital payment trends.

The platform will provide information on the digital transaction habits of over 30 million Indians down to the district level. The Pulse Report, an in-depth look at the progress of digital payments over the previous five years, was also released. On an interactive map, the PhonePe Pulse website displays more than 2000 crore digital payments in the country.

The payments platform has a market share of 45%. The website’s findings are based on transaction data from PhonePe as well as merchant and consumer interviews. Phone Pulse is the result of months of research and collaboration between the company’s business analysts, marketers, designers, writers, engineering, and business and corporate communication teams, according to the company.

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