November 30, 2023
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Pegasus Trust handed over 1500 N95 mask to MLA Roji M John for various FLTCs

Covid 19 cases are rapidly increasing all over the world and many measures are taken by different government to bring a control over it. As mask has become an important accesory in our daily life Pegasus Trust has come forward and donated 1500 N95 masks for various Covid First Line Treatment Centers at Angamaly.

The N95 mask was handed over to MLA Roji M John on Saturday by the Pegasus Trust Chairman Dr Ajit Ravi. Dr Ajit Ravi said the mask was handed over as per the request of MLA.

This highly advanced N95 mask has a five layer of filtration. Thus it has a high dirt holding capacity, and can retain more impurities.

Last month the Pegasus Trust had handed over highly technological covid wisk to Angamaly Taluk hospital as per the request of MLA. As the number of positive cases are on the higher side its our duty to prevent and stay safe. 

Covid wisk handing over video:

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