September 23, 2021
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Pala tilts towards left

In a surprising development, LDF candidate Mani C Kappan has attained a promising lead against his rival, UDF candidate Jose Tom, in the by-election in Pala, which was once the stronghold of late Kerala Congress (M) leader K M Mani.

The counting has reached its final stage. The lead of the NCP leader has crossed three thousand. It is less likely to come down from that mark, as the remaining booths in which the counting is underway is less capable to offer the UDF the votes necessary to cover the mark the LDF has reached.

Notably, NDA candidate N Hari could not perform as better as his party performed last time in the same constituency; his party, in the last election, though not won, secured an impressive number of votes.

The development has given a big shock to the Congress led UDF camp. The by-election is regarded as the semi-finals of the upcoming by-elections. The result of this election is likely to influence the result of the upcoming by-elections in five important constituencies in the state.

The UDF camp has not yet publically responded about the new development. Some insiders of the camp has cited the infightings in the party, founded by late K M Mani, as the reason for the bad performance of the party’s candidate in the by-election.

More details are awaited.

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