May 29, 2024
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Pak PM reaches China to meet Xi

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has reached China for a two day visit. In his visit, he will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping and several other top leaders of the Communist country. He is expected to discuss the ways to improve the bilateral relation between China and Pakistan.

China is an all-weather partner of Pakistan. It always acts as a firm support to Pakistan in the International stages. It has come to the rescue of Pakistan several times in the recent past, when the South Asian country has been cornered by the west in the International platforms for its unacceptable behaviours.

China is to Pakistan what the US and the west are to India. On that note, the latest visit of the Pakistan PM to China is of great significance.

The Pakistan’s visit has come at the time when it has failed to convince the west that its neighbour poses a serious threat to the stability and sovereignty of the nation.

India is likely to keenly observe each and every development in the Pakistan PM’s visit to China to ensure that the visit does not pose any threat to the sovereignty and security of the country.

India sees Pakistan as a rogue neighbour who provides shelter to the terrorists who work to see instability in the country.

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