September 26, 2021
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Misfortune follows Kennedy family

A granddaughter of assassinated presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy (the brother of assassinated US supremo John F Kennedy), Saoirse Kennedy Hill, has been found dead in a mysterious circumstance in the Kennedy residence in Hyannis port, Massachusetts.

The Kennedy family has suffered several tragedies, from the death of John F Kennedy to the death of this 22-year-old lady.

There is evidence to believe that the girl was suffering from depression. In one of her articles she wrote for her school magazine, she wrote that she fell under the clutches of depression during her mid-school days and would continue to experience it all her life.

The cause of the death of the young girl has not been publicised yet. An International media report says that the girl has suffered some kind of overdose.

The latest death has brought the spotlight back to the mysterious family of Kennedy. The family is one of the luckiest families, as well as one of the unluckiest families, in the United States. It is this family a president, John F Kennedy, and several high profile politicians, including John F Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, of the US were born. And, it is this family which has suffered several high profile assassinations such as the assassination of John F Kennedy and the assassination of Robert F Kennedy.

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