May 26, 2022

Other side of controversial ‘Sunny-Condom’ debate


The advertisement of the Manforce condom company, in which popular Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is seen encouraging the Indian youth population to “play this Navratri, but with love”, has triggered huge debates, protests and discussions across the country, with the conservative people demanding stern legal action against the company and the actress.

There is no doubt that those who have created this advertisement have no idea about why the festival is celebrated across the country. It is clear that their only intention is either to gain negative publicity or to experiment bad advertisement tactics.

In a sense, their tactics have contributed the desired outcome. Now, the entire country is discussing the ‘Sunny-Condom’ issue.

There are some relevant points in the conservative’s argument that the advertisement has inflicted serious injury on the religious sentiment of a section of the society, and it has even portrayed the Indian women, for whom this festival is celebrated, in a bad way.

Is it right to stop the debate in this juncture?

It is not right to conceal the fact that around the debate there are some other undiscussed subjects in which the critical thinking ability needs to be applied.

In an article published by the BBC, it has been noted that during the festival season many youngsters indulge in unprotected sexual activates as most of the Indian conservative families take a relaxed attitude in that period.

The controversial statement mentioned in the article has been substantiated by including the experts’ arguments that the sale of condoms go up by nearly thirty per cent in the festival period and the youngster’s abortion rate dramatically increases two months after the festival every year.

Anyway, the nine-day Navratri festival will begin today.


Vignesh. S. G

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