September 23, 2021

India considerably reduces child mortality rate


In a study report, it has been said that the Indian authorities, with their persistent effort, have considerably reduced the child mortality rate.

Had the child mortality rate not underwent a radical deceleration, nearly 30 million children aged below five would have died between 2000 and 2015. Noteworthy, in the aforementioned period, nearly 29 million children aged below five died of various reasons in the country.

Importantly, this statistics indicates that the programmes executed by the Indian government’s health department to bring down the child mortality rate have helped to save nearly one million children.

The programmes introduced to encourage women to give birth in the hospitals have considerably contributed in bringing down the rate.

During the period, the public health service has undergone a radical expansion. The aforementioned factor has also positively influenced the phase of deceleration.

It is advised that the Indian health department should maintain the pace of momentum achieved through hard work in this area.


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