June 26, 2022
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Rahul Gandhi set to become ‘Congress Supremo’


In a bid to bring back the lost glory of the Congress Party, which ruled the Indian government nearly sixty years, the Congress scion, Rahul Gandhi, set to become the president of the party within a couple of months.

The induction of the young leader will put an end to the nineteen-year-long presidency of the current Congress President, Sonia Gandhi.

It is an undoubted fact that, during Ms. Gandhi’s presidency, the Congress party has witnessed both ‘extreme rise’ and ‘extreme fall’.

Presently, there is a small rift exists between Ms. Gandhi’s team and Mr. Gandhi’s team. Due to this rift, the Congress Vice-President has not been allowed to take any independent decisions regarding the party’s appointments.

It is learned that Mr. Gandhi is likely to reorganise the Congress Working Committee soon after the takeover.

There are nearly twenty-one seats in the CWC. One seat is allotted to the president. Normally, of the other 20-seats, ten seats are filled with the nominated members and others with the elected members.

There are reports that the present President of CWC will remain on the committee even after the induction of the new President.

For the last few years, Mr. Gandhi’s faction has been trying to strengthen the young faction of the party.


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