July 14, 2024
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Opinion: BJP-Sena second term in Maharashtra not to be easy

What the people of the Indian state of Maharashtra expressed through their right to vote is very clear: The people of the state, especially those in the rural area, are not happy with the way the present BJP-Sena government function.

The Assembly Election result, which was released last day, clearly indicates a longing for change. It proves sometimes undercurrents are unpredictable. It is a clear message and warning to the political right of India.

The BJP-Sena combine has managed to secure only a little above 150, even though all exit polls unanimously predicted a clear majority for the faction.

The rural part is where the poll experts have gone wrong. Undoubtedly, the poll experts have failed to gauge the rural dissatisfaction.

In short, the poll experts have not succeeded to measure the depth of the dissatisfaction in the agrarian region.

Miraculously, pushing all the predictions to waste bin, the Congress-NCP combine has crossed the 100 mark line.

Though the people of the state have punished both the BJP and the Shiv Sena equally, it has turned out to be an opportunity for the Sena politically.

What the Sena has got is a new bargaining power. The reduced number of the combine means more bargaining power for the junior partner.

The Sena has triggered its initial demand already. They have asked the BJP to pay justice to the 50-50 policy both of them reached with each other prior to the election.

In political terms, it is very significant. What the Sena indirectly demands is the Deputy CM post. The Sena wants to see Aaditya Thackeray in the Deputy Chief Minister’s post.

There are many signs to believe that the Maharashtra issue worries the BJP more than the situation in Haryana – where the party got a similar verdict last day. The BJP’s central leadership has authorised Amit Shah to conduct negotiations with the Sena.

Whether Mr. Thackeray will get the Deputy CM post or not is yet to be seen. One thing is clear, the Sena will not settle for anything less this time – unlike the previous occasion.

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