July 17, 2024

One and Only Medicine for all Life Style diseases

The truth is all of us need to exercise if you want to keep your heart healthy and keep all the lifestyle diseases at bay-  EXERCISE IS THE ONLY MEDICINE.

What if someone told you that being thinner is healthier. Look at his protruding belly, rolls of fat, he is at risk!!!!Not really! The truth is all of us need to exercise if you want to keep your heart healthy and keep all the lifestyle diseases at bay-  EXERCISE IS THE ONLY MEDICINE.

Numerous researches has proven that any amount of exercise, at any age, is beneficial. The more you do, the greater the benefits.

Actually most of us are exercising but just walking is not the answer.

Are you aware that a complete plan involves three basic elements: aerobic fitness ( Cardio fitness), muscle strength/endurance and flexibility? Core and functional strength are essential add-ons. You should know how much exercise you need to do from the above to get the maximum benefits.

Exercise has several health and longevity benefits. Exercise helps prevent or improve these conditions: Regular activity strengthens your heart muscle; lowers blood pressure; increases “good” cholesterol ( HDLs) and lowers “bad” cholesterol (LDLs); enhances blood flow; and helps your heart function more efficiently. All of these benefits reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Diabetes is increasing at alarming rates . Physical activity can enhance weight loss and help prevent and/or control this condition. Losing weight can increase insulin sensitivity, improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduce blood pressure- all of which are very important to the health of diabetics. Type 1 diabetes is treated with insulin,  proper exercise and a proper diet. Type 2 diabetes is first treated with weight reduction, a proper diet, and exercise. Approximately 10% of the patients have type 1 diabetes and the remaining 90% have type 2 diabetes. Proper exercise is the key for the 90%.  Overweight and obese conditions can be prevented or treated with exercise along with a healthy diet. Activity helps to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, thus improving your body’s ability to burn calories. The combination of reduced calories and daily exercise is the ticket to weight loss. Controlling obesity is critical, as it is a major risk factor for many diseases. Lowering your body mass index (BMI) is a sure way to reduce your risk of dying early and to live a healthier life.

Back pain can be managed or prevented with a fitness program that includes muscle strengthening and flexibility. Having good posture and a strong abdomen is the body’s best defense against back pain.( A Swiss ball/jaisons body perfect kit is a perfect tool to heal back pain ).

Weight-bearing exercise strengthens bone formation and helps prevent the osteoporosis or bone loss often seen in women after menopause. Combine a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D with regular weight-bearing exercise for maximum results.

Improved self-esteem is one of the top benefits of regular physical activity. While exercising, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that can improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself. The feeling of “euphoria”follows workout and is accompanied by an energizing outlook. Exercise can help you cope with stress and ward off depression and anxiety. And these are just a few of the ways exercise can improve your health. Studies have suggested it can also help with certain types of cancer, improve immune function, and more. Zeroing on exercise that give you right benefits and that become part of your daily routine is the key to a long and healthy life. You agree exercise is a medicine. Medicines are prescribed by health professionals. Similarly, leave the prescription of exercise to the nutrition and exercise expert, rather than self prescribing.

Jaison Paulson
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