July 15, 2024
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Once again, centre and state to lock hones over Rajiv Gandhi murder convicts


Paving the way for a serious power struggle, the state government led by the AIADMK has decided to recommend the release of all convicts languishing in the state prison in connection with the brutal murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Earlier, when former Chief Minister J Jayalalitaa announced its plan to move forward with a similar step, the central government vehemently blocked the move citing that the fact that a state government has no right to decide whether a convict could be given pardon or not in those cases which come under the preview of the central government as per the Indian constitution.

The latest move of the TN government has more significance as it has come days after the Supreme Court sought the opinion of Tamil Nadu governor in the issue.

The decision reached during the discussions has been conveyed to the governor. In a normal situation, a governor usually forwards as his/her opinion what his/her state cabinet has suggested him/her to tell as his/her decision.

Former PM Rajiv Gandhi was murdered by LTTE terrorist Dhanu with the support of the terrorist network created by the infamous Sri Lankan based terror organisation. The murderer assumed the role of a suicide bomber herself to kill the former PM and fourteen others who gathered in a public meeting organised as part of an election campaign in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. 


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