July 17, 2024
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AIADMK alleges BJP-DMK nexus


A senior AIADMK leader, M Thambi Durai, has alleged an illicit nexus between the DMK, the prime rival part of the AIADMK in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and the BJP, which, as per a political observer’s opinion, is searching for a good partner to find easy inroads into the Dravidian heartland.

As per the AIADMK leader’s view, the latest CBI raids which have taken place in the houses of his party’s prominent leaders and in the official and private residents of senior state police officials are the prime examples of this evil nexus.  

According to his opinion, there is a relation between DMK leader Stalin’s brother’s state-wide rally and the present raids. Mr Durai has alleged that the DMK leader has had an intention to divert the attention of the public from the rally which his brother has commenced as an effort to show the public support. The Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker has also alleged that the DMK might have requested the BJP to conduct such raids in the houses of prominent personalities in order to divert the attention of public from the rally.

DMK top leader’s brother M K Alagiri, which has organised the rally as an effort to show his strength, is evidently angry with the new DMK regime, led by his brother, which assumed power after the unexpected demise of his father, M Karunanidhi.


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