October 3, 2023
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On CCTV, Bengaluru Woman Throws Her 4-Year-Old From 4th Floor, Girl Dies

A lady was seen throwing her four-year-old daughter from the balcony of their fourth-floor Bengaluru apartment in disturbing CCTV footage. The woman then climbed the rails and stood there for a little time.

Family members raced outside, dragged the woman back, and pin her to the ground after she flung the child. According to the police, the child passed away immediately. On Thursday, the horrifying tragedy occurred in an apartment in SR Nagar, north of Bengaluru. The four-year-old youngster has hearing and speech impairments, according to the authorities. The woman was reportedly despondent as a result, according to the police. She was detained after her spouse reported her to the police.

Her husband is a software engineer, and she is a dentist.

Senior police officer Srinivas Gowda stated, “We are looking into all angles…about the mother’s mental condition as well.

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