July 14, 2024
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No mask if alone in car; Delhi with change following court intervention

No mask should be worn if driving alone in a car. The decision is part of a relaxation of the Covid 19 Control Measures. The decision was taken by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority. The decision comes after the Delhi High Court observed that some of the restrictions announced as part of the Covid restrictions were bizarre.

The man who sat alone in the car was fined for not wearing the mask, and the man who took off the mask to drink coffee with his mother in the car was fined. The court had yesterday asked that such bizarre restrictions not be lifted. Earlier in the day, the Covid-related restrictions in Delhi were relaxed as the number of Covid cases in the national capital dropped.

Schools and colleges were allowed to open with restrictions. Classes 9 to 12 will be open from February 7. Teachers who do not receive the vaccine will not have access to schools. Gyms are also allowed to operate with restrictions. Meanwhile, Covid cases in the country have come down again. Even today, the number of patients is less than one and a half lakh every day. So far, 169 crore doses of the vaccine have been distributed in the country. Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia has told the Lok Sabha that the death rate among vaccinees is low.

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