May 30, 2024
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Nitish Kumar “Victim Of Impotence”, Says Union Minister

In an effort to criticise the Bihar state government’s record on crimes, Union Minister Ashwini Choubey called Nitish Kumar a “victim of impotence,” igniting a new storm.

“The Bihar government and Chief Minister have become victims of impotence. The reason I say this is that people are being killed for two days, but the government is totally insensitive,” Mr Choubey said, speaking to reporters in Bihar’s Kaimur.

“Women have had their arms set on fire with petrol. If this is not jungle raj, then what is? There have been six chilling crimes in 48 hours. So, I want to tell Nitish ji, that you can’t run Bihar any more. You should resign,” the junior minister said.

Mr. Choubey was referring to a spate of gruesome crimes that have occurred recently in the state. One of the most horrifying incidents included a woman who died in Bhagalpur after two men brutally attacked her and severed her hands, breasts, and ears.

According to the authorities, Neelam had allegedly borrowed money from Shakeel Miyan for her daughter’s wedding and hadn’t paid it back. Police have stationed personnel in the vicinity as a precaution after denying that the event had any communal overtones.

According to the police, Shakeel Miyan and Juddin Miyan attacked the woman on Saturday. She also received stab wounds to her back and head. Evidently, nobody stepped in to help her. Neelam had identified her assailants before going unconscious, and this was captured on cellphone video by bystanders.

Sanjay Singh, a lawmaker from Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal-United party, responded to Mr. Choubey’s criticism by saying, “This demonstrates the union minister’s mental capacity. He needs support.”

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