March 1, 2024
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NITI Aayog proposes judicial and police reforms

In order to take India’s judicial and police systems to the next level and help it to reach the international standard, the NITI Aayog, the country’s think tank, has proposed two vital reforms: the introduction of the judicial performance index and the outsourcing of the non-core functions of the police force. As we all know, even while we, Indians, feel proud of our reputation among the International community, we are well aware that we have numerous shortcomings in terms of our democratic standards and the quality of our systems. It is an undeniable fact that the largest democracy of the world’s judicial system and police system has still many flaws. Many feel that even after we successfully completed the six decades of independence, no serious attempt has been made to revamp the two vital systems, which are largely working under the British era principles. Still, like that of the past, the courts are filled with numerous pending cases and the police force is understaffed. The proposed judicial performance index is likely to help the upper courts effectively monitor the performance of the subordinate courts. In an effort to reduce the workload of the police force, the think tank has also proposed to separate the non-core functions from the core functions and to distribute the non-core functions such as the summons distribution, job verification, passport verification and similar functions to the external agencies. These key recommendations aimed at strengthening the two vital systems might change the whole picture of the country and it might be a path towards the modernisation of our country, says expert.


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