July 15, 2024
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Murder of 60-year-old Woman in Kottayam; Police Arrested the culprit

In a significant achievement, the police group investigating the murder of 60-year-elderly person at Parappadam close Kottayam,arrested the accused within three days of the crime. The arrested individual has been recognized as Muhammed Bilal (23), a neighbor of the victim and a local of Thazhathangadi.

On Monday evening, M A Abdul Sali (65) and his wife Sheeba (60) of Shani Manzil, Parappadam were found critically injured at their home. While Sheeba died on way to the hospital, Sali was admitted at the critical care unit at the Government Medical College hospital and his health condition remains critical.

According to Kottayam area police boss G Jaidev, the charged was recognizable to the family and the intention behind the crime seems to be financial gain. He was arrested from Ernakulam on Wednesday late night and the police recorded the capture in the early long stretches of Thursday after he conceded his inclusion in the wrongdoing. Jaidev included Bilal fled from the spot with the victims’ vehicle and some cash and gold in the wake of carrying out the aim and was remaining at a house in Kakkanad in Ernakulam. Police group gathered proof from this house alongside the charged and recouped some gold as well.

Jaidev said that “accused was staying in Ernakulam for a while and arrived at Thazhathangadi on early morning on Monday with an intention of robbery. Since, the family was very much familiar to the accused, the couple opened doors when he arrived the house. The accused first attacked Sali and then his wife Sheeba. He hit the victims on their head several times with wooden furniture with an intention to kill them. Though, he attempted to electrocute the victims, it didn’t work out. To destroy the evidence, he also left open an LPG cylinder in the room.”

Bilal has some criminal forerunners and police had registered a case against the accused in Kottayam West Police station. Prior, the victims’ family had helped the accused in a troublesome circumstance.

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