March 20, 2023

Mr.Jolly Antony A charmer & quintessential entrepreneur




“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

A great business starts with some great ideas. Every entrepreneur who steps boldly out into business adopts new technology and introduces the best of it to the public. We introduce this fascinating and super-driven entrepreneur, Mr. Jolly Antony, also god fearing, dedicated, hardworking, and a philanthropist. He hails from the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur. This town is known for making the best and successful of Kerala’s eminent entrepreneurs. After his graduation he specialized in Travel and tourism. After gaining some experience in Kerala, he travelled to Saudi Arabia and worked there in the Travel and tourism industry for more than a decade. Success is achieved out of hardwork and determination, survival of the fittest ultimately boils down to the survival of the best adapted. Mr. Jolly Antony, Founder and CEO of the Al Safina Group, a conglomerate of over 25 companies, is one of the most enduring examples of migrant Keralites who made it big in the Middle-East and are now investing in their native towns and villages, to transform the same. This very ingenious entrepreneur has mostly invested in travel and tourism sector, logistic sector, automotive sector, online retail sector and retail sector. He believes; “Successful people are not gifted; they just work smart, then they just succeed on purpose.”


About the Empire


Twelve long years from 1993 when he joined Al Khalaf Travel and Tourism Company, after acquiring much experience, he endeavoured into building the first step of his future empire- Al Safina Travel and Tourism, in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. It commenced strategically sound and eventually became one of the top travel companies in Middle East. It provided a one stop service to all travel needs–like airline booking, hotel booking, transfer and sight-seeing, medical tourism, travel insurance, holiday packages, UAE tour packages, Holy Land tour packages, world tour packages, car hire, Europe train tickets, Yacht and aircraft charters, and escorted tours. It also catered corporate tour and other corporate services. These huge and reliable line of services made the company stand out among other companies competing in the same genre. Unsurprisingly, now, the company is now the top travel company in Middle East with nearly nine branches across UAE. In 2015, Mr. Jolly Antony started RD Logistics. It signed an agreement with one of the biggest logistic companies in Europe, Rhenus Logistics.




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