September 23, 2023
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Special committee recommends ‘more seats for girls in IITs’

In order to erase a feeling that IITs are only meant to boys and engineering profession is only suitable for the boys, in an effort to grant more opportunities for the girls who are interested in taking up the challenging engineering career in which the women is traditionally forbidden because of some indigestible reasons injected by a patriarchal society, a special committee formulated to suggest measures to increase the enrolment of girls in the IITs where the boys are presently the dominant gender has recommended the allocation of 20 reservation seats for girls in addition to the present capacity of the technical institutions. The recommendation made by the committee led by some renowned scholars will be presented before the joint admission board, which is authorised to implement the suggestions. It is said that the individual technical institutions can decide on how many supernumerary seats are they going to create taking into consideration their institution’s capacity and capability. A latest survey report identifies that last year only eight per cent of the total seats were filled by the girl candidates, and the total girl rank-holders constituted nearly ten per cent of the total rank-holders. Experts opine that a ground level work is needed to increase the enrolment of the girls in IITs. There is a general conception that the girls are meant to be doctors and the boys are meant to be the engineers so if we want to make a change we should scrap that concept first, experts add.


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