August 15, 2022
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More arrests are likely today in the case of actor Joju George’s vehicle crash

Actor Joju George’s vehicle destroyed during Congress road blockade in Vyttila may be arrested today. The non-bailable case is against eight people, including former mayor Tony Chammany. Joseph, an INTUC activist, was arrested by police yesterday in connection with the case. Police have registered a case against 15 persons, including Kodikunnil Suresh, in connection with the road blockade.

Police have so far registered two cases in connection with the incidents that took place during the highway blockade in Vytila. According to the non-bailable section, a case has been registered against eight persons in connection with Joju’s attempted assault on a vehicle and 30 persons in connection with a road blockade.

DCC President Mohammad Shias is the first accused in the case against the roadblock. The second accused is VJ Paulus and the third accused is Kodikunnil Suresh. Police were not allowed to use the mic and block the road for more than five minutes. Police have said that further investigation is needed to register a case against Joju, a woman Congress activist.

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