March 1, 2024
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Moonlighting “Ethical Issue”, But No Action Taken Against Staff: TCS

The largest provider of IT services in the nation, TCS, stated on Monday that moonlighting goes against its fundamental values and is a “ethical concern,” but it has not yet taken any action against any employees.

According to its Chief Human Resources Officer Milind Lakkad, the corporation, which employs over 6.16 lakh people, would consider all pertinent factors before coming to a decision on the subject that has dominated headlines over the past several weeks.

Moonlighting, in our opinion, is unethical and goes against our culture and core beliefs, according to Mr. Lakkad.

According to Rajesh Gopinathan, chief executive officer and managing director of the company, a service contract prohibits an employee from working for any other organisations.

According to Mr. Lakkad, unlike rival companies like Wipro, who recently announced the termination of over 300 employees, TCS has not taken any action against any individual.

He asserted that TCS has a long-term commitment to its employees and that these individuals have a “reciprocal commitment” to the business. He also recognised that at the moment, its counterparts in the IT sector may hold opinions on the matter that differ from its own.

He added that the business has recently started articulating its position on moonlighting but did not go into further detail.

In recent weeks, CXOs in the IT industry have been offering varied takes on the subject of moonlighting. Over the past few months, the IT industry has been faced with a manpower shortage triggered by a high demand for services following the greater adoption of digitalisation following the pandemic.

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