April 20, 2024
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Monsoon reaches Kerala

Pouring the little showers of happiness into the hearts of the people of Kerala, the most beautiful climate season of the state, monsoon, has reached the coast of the state.

The state has been waiting for the onset of the season for last few weeks. The season usually begins in the first week of June in the state. This time, it has delayed for a week.

It is hoped that the delay occurred in the onset of the season will not affect the amount of rainfall this monsoon will give.

Several regions in the state have received normal rainfall Today. In the coming days, most regions in the state may experience normal rainfall.

The arrival of the rainfall has taken away the problem the entire state has been experiencing for last few months: the unbearable heat.

In some parts of the state, during this summer season, the temperature has gone up to 40 and above.

The unbearable heat has irritated many in the state. It has also created many health issues in the people of the state.

For the state, the arrival of monsoon is a blessing. The Kerala people love rain. For a society which is closely connected to the sector of agriculture, the rainfall is everything.

Enjoy this Monsoon!

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