February 25, 2024

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In a recent interview, a senior BJP leader has pointed out that the opposition had no alternative to project against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming General Election.

Moreover, he has reminded the voters that if it is not Modi it will be instability, corruption and nepotism.

From his words, it is clear that towards what the BJP is trying to take the political campaign for the upcoming General Election.

The longer it takes for the opposition to address the question of political alternative in the national level, the greater the damage the BJP’s planned narrative regarding that vacuum makes.

The opposition’s effort to tie the campaign around local issues and regional issues is seen also as the strategy to escape from the bigger question of political alternative in the national level.

Actually, the present opposition, which lacks a clear national narrative, sends no hope, but despair to the electorate which is eager to hear an alternative narrative powerful enough to take on the narrative projected by the ruling, which has undoubtedly failed in several fronts, especially agriculture growth and job creation.

It is high time for the opposition to answer ‘Modi vs Who’. It is necessary to make that point clear to stop the ruling from making further damages to the opposition’s effort to project it as a promising alternative to the ruling.


Vignesh. S. G

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