September 17, 2021
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Kerala political parties less likely to be allowed to discuss Sabarimala issue in GE campaign

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The political parties functioning in the Indian state of Kerala is less likely to be allowed by the Election Commission to discuss the issue of Sabarimala in the upcoming general election.

Lately, Kerala Chief Election Officer Teeka Ram Meena said that invoking the name of god or religion to solicit votes will be considered as the violation of the model code of conduct (which all political parties and their candidates are supposed to strictly follow during the election time).

The BJP has already expressed their unhappiness in the statement. A senior BJP leader has asserted that the Chief Election Officer could not prevent political parties from discussing the sensitive subject of Sabarimala.

The CEO’s statement came at the time when the political parties of the state were preparing to turn the general election campaign the platform for a fierce ideological battle.

The CEO is likely to inform his stand directly to the political parties during an all party meeting scheduled to be organised today in the state capital of Trivandrum.

Political experts say that it is less likely that the political parties voluntarily refrain from discussing the issue of Sabarimala in the political campaign sessions. They add that the CEO’s statement could prevent them from openly raising the subject to an extent.

The reality is that even if the political parties decide to keep the subject aside they may not be completely able to convince their local volunteers from doing so.  


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