February 4, 2023
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Modi Again, Says Exit Polls Unanimously

The exit polls have boosted the confidence of the ruling BJP extensively. The only question left before the opposition is that what is next.

All exit polls unanimously predict that the NDA led by the BJP would easily cross the magic number of 272, required to ensure the majority in the parliament.

According to the exit polls, the BJP will neither loss its dominance in the Hindi heartland including Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, nor fail to make inroads into the newly found terrines such as West Bengal and Odisha.

As per the polls, even the SP-BSP alliance in the Uttar Pradesh will not make much difficulty to the BJP. The polls say that though the BJP cannot perform as better as it did last time, it will win at least fifty seats in Uttar Pradesh this time.

Actually, it is not UP that has shocked the observers, but it is West Bengal and Odisha. As per the exit polls, the Modi wave has jolted the bastions of both BJD and TMC. According to the polls, the BJP will win an existing number of seats from these two states, which last time responded less enthusiastically to the Modi wave.

Not any time, in the recent past, the exit polls have failed to predict the trend, though it has sometimes miserably failed in the area of tally.

In that sense, the trend is clear. The nation trusts the PM. None of the campaigns unleashed by the opposition parties, it seems, has affected the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the most charismatic leader in the modern history of the country.

The election result will be declared on 23rd May. The best thing that the opposition can do now is to wait patiently for a right opportunity. Simply complaining will not work. It will only help to gain more disaster.

Vignesh. S. G
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