April 20, 2024

Former CIA agent pushed for being double agent

A former CIA agent, Kevin Mallory, has been punished by a United States court over the charges of espionage. The main charge against him is that the agent shared sensitive information regarding the US defence to China in exchange of money. The agent has been awarded a harsher sentence of twenty years imprisonment for the crime by the court.

The prosecution has presented several undeniable evidences capable to prove the agent’s involvement in the crime. The evidences include the documents about the agent’s latest trip to china to meet a Chinese spy and the video footage showing the agent transferring the sensitive information regarding the US defence to a private memory card.

The prosecution has succeeded in proving that the agent received a sum of $ 25, 000 from China in exchange of his service.

It is not the first time that a person linked with the CIA has been booked for being a double agent. In the recent past alone, several persons have been booked over similar charges.

It is the high time for the US to relook the recruitment procedure of the CIA, the top spy agency of the world most powerful country.

It is unfortunate that a powerful country like the US often fail to detect the traitors clandestinely working inside its system.

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