March 4, 2024
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Australia in polling stations

Australia is selecting its future government Today. The voters are turning up in large numbers in the polling stations across the country.

The special feature of the Australian election is its mandatory voting. A voter will face a heavy fine, if he/she does not turn up in his/her respective poll station in the voting day.

The country has over 16.4 million registered voters. Not many voters are likely to skip the voting session. That means the poll percentage, as usual, will be high this time also.

The country has a turbulent political hemisphere. The country has witnessed nearly three political changes in less than ten years. The present voting will enable a fourth one.

The conservatives, who rule the country at present, are very positive about the outcome of the present election. Australian PM Scott Morrison, who replaced Malcolm Turnbull, has put his trust in his ability to bring together the entire conservative regiment under his command.

What the opposition Labour relies is its progressive policies. It assures that it will bring in several policy changes if voted to power.

Traditionally, the country is pro-conservative. It normally think in favour of the conservative party.

At present, there are several issues inside the conservative party. Actually, it is what that gives confidence to the opposition.

Vignesh. S. G
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