August 14, 2022
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MK Stalin Applauds Rahul House’s Statement “On Behalf of All Tamils”

A day after Rahul Gandhi argued in Lok Sabha that the Centre cannot oppress states’ languages, cultures, and histories, citing Tamil Nadu as an example, Chief Minister M K Stalin commended the Congress leader for his “rousing speech in Parliament” and for addressing Tamils’ “long-standing arguments.”

The two leaders have a cordial connection, and the DMK chairman first offered Rahul as the Opposition’s Prime Minister candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in 2018. Last year, he requested Rahul to take the lead in uniting opposition parties to take on the BJP.

Thanking the Tamil Nadu CM for his “kind words”, Rahul posted, “The Tamils, along with the people of every other state of our country, are my brothers and sisters…I have no doubt that our shared belief in the pluralistic, federal & cooperative idea of India will triumph.”

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