September 23, 2023
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COVID Positive Rate Lowers, Hope for a Third Wave Drops

According to the Union Health Ministry, as many as 34 states and UTs are reporting a decrease in Covid-19 cases as well as positive rates, indicating that the Omicron-fueled third wave may be on the decline.

According to data given by the government on Thursday, 297 districts had a positive rate of more than 10% in the week ending February 2. In the week ending January 26, 406 districts reported a positivity rate of more than 10%. According to the official, there are eight states with more than 50,000 active cases, 12 states with 10,000-50,000 active cases, and 16 states with fewer than 10,000 instances.

The government also said the districts having less than five percent Covid positivity rate can move in the direction of reopening schools but it is up to the state governments to take a call in this regard. The requirement for oxygen fell to 36.1 per cent among vaccinated people as compared to 45.5 per cent among the unvaccinated.

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