August 15, 2022
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At least 42 Indian detainees live in US’ New Mexico detention centre


With the help of the Indian origin US citizens, the Indian authorities have found that as many as forty-two Indians are living in the New Mexico detention centre erected in the United States of America to detain those illegally crossing the US-Mexico border and those migrants living illegally in the world most powerful and financially stable country.

At this moment, it is not clear that how many of those Indian detainees are booked for illegally crossing the US-Mexico border and how many of them are arrested for illegally living in the country.

As per a latest report, most of those detained are Punjabi Sikhs and Andhra Pradesh Christians and they are seeking political asylum in the US on the ground that their communities are facing persecution in India.

As per a report, the Indian authorities have established relations with the detention centres in New Mexico. The report says they have contacted all those Indians who have showed willingness to talk to the Indian representatives. The authorities are likely to make sure that all who need consular access get it at the right time.

Meanwhile, the Indian authorities will have no role in the proceedings taken against those deny to interact with the Indian representatives and those seek political asylum in the US.

Many of them have sped good amount of money to reach the US, so those detainees have shown less interest to return to India. As per an unacknowledged report, the aforesaid fact is the reason why many have raised political asylum requests.


Vignesh. S. G

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