June 14, 2024
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Commentary: Tears of Afghan women go unnoticed

The present day Afghanistan is the product of a brutal war. It is the result of the resolve the common Afghanis have showed to stand firmly, as well as fearlessly, against injustice.

The war the Afghanis have fought is not just against a brutal militant organisation, Taliban, but also against ill-treatment of women, lack of freedom, violence, and many similar negatives.

It is natural to expect that the output that has been developed should be able to address all these negatives against which the brutal fight has occurred.

Has Afghanistan succeeded in developing an effective output? A story published by an International media house about the ill-treatment faced by the women of the country at the hand of the present ruling regime is enough to conclude that the Afghan experiment is not a successful experiment.

The report exposes how some persons in the seat of power in the country exploit women. The shocking report contains several believable testimonies.

In one of these testimonies, an employed woman has described in details how her senior in the office tried to physically abuse and assault her. In another, a job seeker woman has detailed how openly, fearlessly and shamelessly she was asked sexual favours by a top officer when she approached the officer to get the final approval of her government job offer.

If these testimonies are proved as genuine, the Afghanis will need to relook whether they have achieved all objectives of their fight completely.

Shockingly, women in Afghanistan fear to talk about such experiences openly. It is due to the fear of retribution, as the perpetrators of such crimes are often those close to the corridor of power.

Notably, the women who have responded to the International media house have also declined to initiate legal action against their perpetrators. Unfortunately, they have responded as if they have lost their trust in the system.

The Afghan government is maintaining a long silent in the issue. That is truly condemnable. The government should address the issue as early as possible. It is good to remember that no government can escape criticism with silence.

If the government is found incapable to address this issue, the foreign powers must enter the scene and formulate way to address the crisis.

The report says that when the media has contacted a foreign force stationed in the country to take a quote about the issue, they have declined to speak about the issue terming it as an internal issue.

It is definitely not the right answer and the right approach.

Vignesh. S. G
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