September 23, 2021
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Congress losses at least ten lawmakers in Goa to BJP

Giving a serious blow to the Congress party in the Indian state of Goa, around ten Congress lawmakers have switched over to the BJP, which is the ruling party in the state.

The Congress was the single largest party in the state post the latest election. In the latest election, the Congress won as many as seventeen seats in the state.

Later, its strength came down to around fifteen.

Now, with the departure of around ten lawmakers from the party, its strength has been reduced to less than five.

The saffron party, whose strength was reduced to thirteen during the recent election (at least eight lower than what it earned before), now has increased its strength to as high as twenty-seven.

It is possible that the BJP government in the state reshuffles its ministry to pave way for the induction of some of the newly arrived lawmakers into the government.

The Congress party cannot use the anti-defection law against the lawmakers who have merged with the BJP as the law is not application in the situation when at least two-third members of a party changes its side.

What has happened in Goa is the second biggest blow the Congress party has faced in this week – after its debacle in Karnataka.

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