August 17, 2022
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Mizoram tops HIV prevalence rate

The Indian state of Mizoram has attained the top position in the HIV prevalence rate, with a prevalence rate of 2.04 per cent.

Manipur and Nagaland, the states that are situated close to Mizoram, has come in the places close to the state that has reached the top position.

Mizoram is a North Eastern state, which shares borders with Myanmar and Nagaland. It is a very sensitive region. The region has been battling with the serious issue of drug trafficking for long. The intravenous drug users of the state are highly vulnerable to the disease condition.

As per a latest survey conducted by the Mizoram State AIDS Control Society, As many as 67.21 per cent of the total AIDS cases reported between 2006 to March 2019 have been transmitted through sexual contact. As per the same survey, nearly 28.12 per cent of the total cases reported in the same period have been transmitted through intravenous means.

It is high time to formulate a feasible policy to confront the issue of AIDS/HIV in the North Eastern region of the country.

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