July 23, 2024
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PM Modi Security Breach: Supreme Court orders probe led by former judge

The Supreme Court has ordered a probe by a former judge into the failure to provide security to the Prime Minister, who is in Punjab for campaigning for the Assembly elections. A three-member committee was appointed for this purpose. The panel, chaired by a retired Supreme Court judge, comprises NIADG and ADG Intelligence Punjab. The Punjab High Court had said that an independent panel was enough, but the Chief Justice had said that the probe could be led by a former Supreme Court judge.

The Punjab Supreme Court was told that the Center had issued a show cause notice after the court froze the proceedings. However, the Center clarified that the notice was issued before the court decision. The Center informed the court that the security prescribed by the SPG Act had been breached. No information was received about the roadblock until the Prime Minister’s car reached the flyover.

The Center said it was strange that the Punjab government was justifying itself. The Solicitor General demanded that the Central Committee investigate where the fall occurred. After the formation of the inquiry committee, the court asked why the show cause notice was issued and how the DGP was found responsible. The Center replied that SPG was legal. The Center said the report would be submitted within three weeks.

Protests erupted in Punjab against the Prime Minister’s convoy on its way to the National Martyrs’ Memorial in Hussainwala. With this, the Prime Minister’s convoy was stuck in a flyover for 20 minutes.

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