June 28, 2022
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MDR-TB unlikely to leave India: Researchers

Despite the Indian health authorities’ assurance that it would eliminate the most dangerous form of tuberculosis, the Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis, by the year 2025, a new study report, released by a medical journal, named Lancet, has revealed that the MDR-TB is unlikely to leave India within the prescribed time limit and the cases related to this fatal disease are likely to increase in the upcoming days. According to the report, by the year 2040, the total MDR-TB cases will become nearly 32.5% of all TB cases in Russia, 12.4% of all TB cases in India, 8.9% of all TB cases in Philippines, and 5.7% of all TB cases in South Africa. It is a shocking fact that nearly 40% of all the MDR-TB patients lives in these four countries. It is said that this issue would be discussed in the upcoming G20 meeting, scheduled to take place in June, and a concrete action plan would be created to overcome the crisis soon. Another shocking fact is that most of the effective drugs which could successfully resist the disease are not adequately available in these four countries. Experts say that on the wake of this study report the health authorities of our country, if needed, should redraw target map that it articulated to eradicate the disease. It is good to consider all available study materials and research documents before executing the ambitious plan of eradicating this most dangerous disease in order to implement it efficiently, they added.


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