April 20, 2024
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Mayawathi lashes out at Congress for her party leaders’ bitter experience in Rajasthan

BSP leader Mayawathi has lashed out at the Congress Party for her party leaders’ bitter experience in Rajasthan.

Two of the BSP senior leaders were garlanded with shoes and paraded on donkeys in the state.

It happened when the leaders reached the party headquarters in the state. It was done by a group of people gathered outside the building claiming to express their dissatisfaction in the recent political development in the state concerned to the party. They claimed that they were the supporters of the party and were angry with the party leaders. They accused the two leaders of selling party tickets.

Recently, all the six MLAs, who were elected to the state assembly on the BSP tickets, joined the Congress Party.

The party lately dismissed the executive committee of the state due to the political turmoil into which he accidentally slipped.

The BSP Supremo has blamed the Congress for the misfortune her party has faced in the recent past, including the one faced by its leaders.

The leader, who is a former Chief Minister of the Indian state of Rajasthan, has warned the Congress of serious consequences.

Meanwhile, the Congress has denounced all allegations raised against the party by the BSP leader.

The party has advised the BSP to file a complaint with the police regarding the unfortunate incident.

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